Congressional Co-Sponsors FairTax (H. R. 25/S. 1025)


Due to the amount of video and pictures
showing the activity at these successful rallies
we have created a "list" of links for you
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2008 Presidential Candidate
Speaks Clearly about the
FairTax H. R. 25/S. 1025


You Tube FairTax Videos

FairTax at the Presidential Debate in S.C. -- the beginning (May 15th 2007)

Mike Huckabee addresses the Fair Tax Rally (May 15th 2007)

Mike Huckabee interview with Hannity and Colmes

Mike Huckabee sends message during the Debate
(Former Governor Arkansas
A very strong supporter of FairTax H.R. 25)

Mike Huckabee asking about the FairTax on Youtube

Another Voice heard from - Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA)
(A co-sponsor to H. R. 25)

And a Third - Congressman Tancredo (CO)
(A co-sponsor to H. R. 25)

Sean Hannity at
the May 15th 2007 FairTax
Rally in Columbia
South Carolina

John Stossel at FairTax Rally (May 15th 2007)

Official Blog
of the National Taxpayers Union

After ...FairTaxers were very naughty... (May 15th 2007)

FairTax is moving west..."Fist full of FairTax" (May 15th 2007)

"We're rolling" - Neal Boortz (May 15th 2007)

Presidential Candidates
and the Media now know,
"The Train has Left the Station."
(May 15th 2007)

Short contest Videos
produced for the
South CarolinaFairTax Rally
(May 15th 1007)

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Atlanta Georgia Rally
(May 24th 2006)